About Us

Founded in 2013 by myself, Alan Bell, we are the first company in the UK, perhaps the world, to introduce such a large selection of some of the best solar lights on our planet. Our range is sourced from four continents and eight countries. Our lights do prefer sun but thanks to increased efficiency they work happily in the UK.




Our journey began with a need to burn fewer candles in an off-grid house. We already had the Little Sun which was great for reading. We then tried the Nokero N220, imported from the USA, which was brilliant and gave us a wider beam for playing cards in the evening. We loved them both and this led to the beginning of our passion and our company.

In Africa and Asia particularly in rural areas kerosene is used for lighting. As a highly flammable liquid, spillages and resultant fires result in many deaths and disfigurements each year. As a result many companies around the world have started up as Social Enterprises to reduce dependence on kerosene by designing the lamps you see on this site.  

Each solar light bought in the western world subsidises solar lights in the developing world which can only be a good thing. Eventually no one will need to use kerosene and together we can make that happen.

This year we've doubled our workforce to two!  Rich (on the right) is a long time family friend as well as graphic designer/photographer/marketing person.  

As a small business our focus is on providing personally selected products backed up with the best customer service.  We are happy to offer advice and discuss your requirements via phone or email.  We also make sure that should you change your mind, or something doesn't work as expected, returns are  promptly handled without hassle.

Thanks for shopping with us!