International Women's Day from Village by Village

International Women's Day from Village by Village

As an ex-teacher I am always aware of the power of education to change lives. This is particularly true for women and girls all over the world, in both developing and developed countries or regions. And in these slightly darkened times where the good appear to be outnumbered by the not-so-good it's great to hear from a charity that actually does what it says it does and makes a real difference. This is not 'fake news' thankfully.

Village by Village, one of many charities we've supported in a small way in the past year have just sent out their latest Newsletter and I wanted to share a little part here for you all. If you're looking to support a charity where you're money does go a long way then this might be the one. 

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This is Awudu and she tells her story.

Awudu Adiza is my name

 "Awudu Adiza is my name. I am fifteen years old. I come from Nigeria but I stay at Abenta, Ghana. I am dark in complexion and have a little tribal mark on my left cheek, I am a pupil at Abenta Methodist Primary School and I am in class six.The subjects I like best are English, mathematics and science I like these subjects because I want to become a medical doctor in future but I can’t because my mother has died

Village by Village built the school Awudu goes to, they enrolled her into their reading club in Abenta. As part of the programme once she has read 10 books she gets a reward.

If you would like to read more about the work that Village by Village do in Ghana click here!

If you would like to make a donation to support Village by Village, and every pound counts, click here!