Water Filters and Purifiers

Water Filters and Purifiers

Despite our name, we not all about solar lights, we’ve also got fantastic water filters for hiking, camping, sports and all your adventures.

Water filter vs Water Purifier

A water filter (often activated carbon) removes particulates and other substances such as chemicals and toxins from your water. These are very often used for filtering tap water to remove chemical tastes.

A water purifier removes contaminants such as bacteria, protozoa and viruses as well as filtering chemicals, particulates and heavy metals. Ideal for making unclean water (eg stream or river water) safe to drink.

BRITA Fill & Go Active Water Filter

The Fill & Go is a handy sports style bottle to filter your tap water. Get rid of that metallic chlorine taste - just unscrew the lid, fill it up, and you’re ready to go.

The Britta’s carbon disc filters your water as you drink and the cap doubles as a cup too. Each replaceable ‘micro disc’ filters 150 litres of water. Available in four funky colours. The perfect all round water bottle!

Full info and purchase the Brita here.

The Lifestraw Go Water Purifier

The Lifestraw Go is the perfect personal water filter for hiking, camping and all outdoor adventures where you don’t have access to clean tap water. Just fill it up, screw the lid on and you’re ready! The water is filtered as you drink and the replaceable filter lasts approx 1000 litres.

It features a flip up bite valve so you won’t get your gear wet, and comes complete with a carabiner to make attaching it to your pack a synch!

Filters bacteria, protozoa & viruses. Volume ~650ml, weight ~168g

Full info and purchase the Lifestraw here.

The Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier

Another great personal water purifier perfect for all your outdoor adventures. Fill it up, squash the filter down (just like a cafetière) and you have a bottle of safe, clean water ready to drink. As they like to say - full spectrum purification in one press!

The wide mouth makes it totally secure and it’s perfect for decanting filtered water into other bottles too! It’s also antimicrobial free, chemical free and BPA free.

Meets NSF/ANSI Standards: 42+53

Filters bacteria, Protozoa & viruses. Four funky colours and weighs just over 300g.

Full info and purchase the Grayl here.

Photo by Sergio Souza on Unsplash