Choetech 20000mAh Powerbank Qualcomm 3.0

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CHOETECH 20000mAh Powerbank

Portable Power Bank Charger Backwards Compatible with Quick Charge 2.0, For Samsung S8, iPhone 7, HTC, One Plus 5, iPad and more [Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0] [Lightning + Quick Charge Inputs]

If you only have space for one powerbank on your travels take this. We've trialled so many over the last few months and this is clearly the best one.


  • High Capacity: Charges the iPhone 6 about eight times, the Galaxy S6 six times or the iPad Air almost twice. Safely recharges with a 2 amp charger (most phone chargers have a 1 amp output)

  • High Efficiency: Built using high quality LG 2600mA battery cells. The power transferring rate is therefore higher than most powerbanks in the market. Basically this means less wastage in the transfer to your phone or ipad or USB device

  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Output: The latest, fastest and most efficient USB charging technology in the world to charge your QC 3.0 supported devices up to 4X faster than standard chargers. This really makes a difference to the time it takes to charge up your mobile for example

  • Premium Quality: Multiple built-in safeguards fully protect against overcurrent, overcharging and overheating to allow for safe and fast charging.

  • In the Box: Quick Charge 3.0 20000mAh Portable Power bank, USB Charging Cable, User Manual and 18 Month Worry-Free Warranty backed up by The Solar Light Company.


Very High Real Capacity

20000mAH means higher than most of the powerbanks in the market and means you can at least charge your device 4 times.  And for some it's up to 8 times, just incredible. To put that into perspective our iphone 6 lasted all week at the Greenman Festival recently and barely put a dent in the Choetech 20000mAh powerbank. To be fair though the signal at the festival is really poor.


How many times?

Charges the iPhone 6 about eight times, the Galaxy S6 six times or the iPad Air almost twice. Safely recharges with a 2 amp charger (most phone chargers have a 1 amp output).Premium quality: Multiple built-in safeguards fully protect against overcharging and overheating for safe and fast charging.



Take it to a festival and it'll charge your phone for many days. And your friends phone possibly. It's just brilliant and it works. Fast charging port is great, the blue one, and all you have to do it charge it up before you go.

It will charge up most USB chargeable devices comfortably.



Input(Micro): 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A 
Input(lightning port): 5V/2.4A 
Output (Highly Efficient Port): 5V/1A 
Output (QC3.0 Port): 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A 


1. Quick charge 2.0 or 3.0 is not compatible with some Moto devices such as Moto X pure, Moto X STYLE 

2. The USB-C cable in the package is for charging type-c supported devices. Please note that it is no use to recharge the power bank itself due to the different charging ports.



18 Months Worry Free Warranty backed up by The Solar Light Company