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 d.light D20 Home System




For a versatile and user-friendly solar lighting solution, look no further than the d.light S20 – one of the most popular solar lanterns in the world. This simple and effective lantern is the perfect addition to a campsite or horsebox, with the guarantee of up to eight hours of reliable light on a low brightness setting.



  • Lighted battery level indicatord.light-d20.jpg

  • USB output charges mobile devices

  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery

  • Maintenance-free—over 5-year product life

  • Two light strings with wall switches included(upgradeable to add more lamps)

  • Dual charging solar panel or AC adapter

  • Rugged, high-efficiency solar panel

  • Rechargeable portable lantern

  • Two brightness settings

  • 15-hour runtime on low setting, 7 hours on high




Includes two fixed, with switches, LED lights and a portable lantern


The integrated solar panel means you can leave this lamp out in the open to charge throughout the day. It takes just a few hours for the battery to fully recharge with the sun’s rays – you can even leave it to charge in cloudy weather – the solar panel will still pick up the vital energy it needs to provide you with reliable light when the sun goes down. If you’re near a power socket, you can also charge the stand-alone lamp up using a regular plug – all adapters are provided.

The solar lights themselves come in the form of two fixed LED solar lights with mountable wall switches, and a portable lantern for added convenience. Both fixed lamps come with two different brightness settings so you can play around and conserve energy where it’s needed – the lamps will offer up to 15 hours of illumination on the lower setting, and a powerful 85 lumens output on the higher setting.






What else is in the box

The main kit is made up of a 5-watt solar panel and a power pack with dual charging capabilities (solar or AC). The super-sturdy solar panel can be attached to a roof or a wall, and the battery pack comes with a charging indicator, so you can see exactly how much juice you have left.

The kit also comes with six adaptors and a USB output connector, so you can charge your mobile phone if necessary – perfect when camping or travelling, as well as in emergency situations. Both wall lamps also come with long wires (one 8m, one 4m), giving you plenty of flexibility to arrange your lamps in a way that will create maximum illumination.






1. LED bulbs

2. ON/OFF Switches

3. Extra portable lantern

4. solar panel

5. Back up Battery Pack 5000mAh

Two brightness settings

There are two brightness settings on the d.light S20 solar lamp, so you can use it as you see fit – you can use shorter bursts of bright light to illuminate your camping area while you cook dinner or change for bed, and the lower brightness mode is perfect to leave on all night as a way to illuminate the pathway to the toilets or the car. A glow-in-the-dark on/off button also means you won’t be fumbling in the dark when you desperately need some light! 

Quick charging from AC

Charging is quick and convenient, no matter which option you choose. Charging using AC will take just eight hours, while using the more cost-effective solar power will take a mere twelve hours.

The entire kit is also impact, dust and water resistant, with a rugged design that will stand up to the most challenging of environments, whether you’re camping at a rainy festival, or illuminating a dusty old barn. Best of all, the d.light D20 Home kit is protected with a two-year replacement warranty, and up to five years of free maintenance, to ensure it stays in fantastic condition over the long-term.




Free 2 Year Replacement Warranty

The lamp is lightweight, at just 200g, meaning it won’t be a heavy addition to your camping pack – ideal for those who like to pack light. Best of all, the solar lantern comes with a free two-year replacement warranty, so you can rest assured that this is an investment which will last.


 Reviews and Press

Elegant, well-designed compact kit to give you your own onsite generation and storage for fixed and portable electric light and charging for phone or computer - excellent value for money.

Walt P  amazon-stars-.jpg

I purchased this for my wife's brother in the Philippines. They live on a mountain with unreliable electricity. This has worked out beautifully for them.
The have been using it since last year with no failures at all. Yes the initial cost is high, but after many nights without electricity, this has been a Godsend to them.

Larry C  amazon-stars-.jpg

Really like this product. Easy to install and use, as we did in a training facility in West Africa. These are not the equivalent of 60 watt bulbs, but they are bright enough, especially where there is no light at all! And in our location in Africa, these systems quickly pay for themselves compared to the cost of electricity via the national monopoly. I do wish there were some plugs in the lines so that one could add extensions, but aside from that, very satisfied.

Richard J amazon-stars-.jpg