d.light S2 Solar Light with integral stand

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d.light S2 Solar Light

You know what they say – big things come in small packages, and that’s exactly what you get with the d.light S2 Solar Light. Small, yet perfectly formed, this simple solar lamp is a great starter light, and ideal for a multitude of different situations, whether you need an efficient light for your garden, a nightlight for your home, or a portable lamp for camping trips.


  • Tough and sturdy design

  • High-efficiency integrated solar panel

  • Dual charging solar & AC (through Nokia standard charger)

  • Lightweight: only 120 grams

  • Weather resistant for sun and rain

  • Adjustable support

  • Glow-in-the-dark button

  • Smart solar indicator for charge intensity

  • 60,000-hour life

  • Lifetime well over 5 years (inclusive of battery)

  • Maintenance-free


Use the sun or the USB

The d.light S2 provides four hours of illumination (on a high light setting) from a single charge. With a powerful solar panel, the lamp can channel the sun’s natural energy to charge the battery in just eight hours. If you’re in an area that doesn’t get much sun, you can also charge the d.light S2 from AC – like the rest of the d.light collection. Charging from an AC socket also takes eight hours, so you can charge it at home overnight and have a full battery the next morning.



So light to carry

The d.light S2 weighs in at just 130g, which means it’s not going to add a huge amount of excess weight to any camping gear or backpacks. It’s also fully impact, water and dust-resistant, so it can be used in almost all conditions, whether you’re up a mountain, in a rainy field at a festival, or in the desert. The glow-in-the-dark ON/OFF button also means you’ll never be fumbling around to find the switch after sunset.




Maintenance Free and will last for years

The lamp has one brightness setting – but that’s all you need when it provides 20 lumens output. The unit is also completely maintenance-free, and it comes with a free two-year replacement warranty that covers all parts – so you’re guaranteed to get plenty of mileage out of the d.light S2 Solar Light.



Reviews and Press

Almost perfect I'm very happy with this light. Smaller than expected which is a bonus. If left in my south facing window during the day, mine runs for around 8 hours. Got it as a self sustaining light source for extended backpacking trips, but have found it very handy around the house during power outages. The stand is actually a great design. Hang it on doorknobs, cabinet handles, etc. You can rotate the light up or down so it's not shining in your face. You can also take the stand off and attach a lanyard or length of cord to hang it by.

The one improvement I would like to see is the use of easily replaceable rechargeable batteries in a common size such as AA or AAA. This would extend the life of the unit when the batteries do wear out. Would also allow you to charge batteries for other pieces of gear. Unfortunately, the light runs on a proprietary battery. Albeit a pretty good one.

That issue aside, this is a great product.

Update: Yet unable to find a comparable light in terms of performance, price, size, ease of use, etc that is able to charge common AA or AAA. That said I still think this is a good product and have purchased several more. Very handy and mine don't even need direct light to charge. I hang em in all the windows. Some get direct sun, some don't. All last through the night. Rough Rider 4-stars.jpg


Super Nice Wonderful light. Great for camping and indoors alike. Our young children have adopted this light as their reading lights as it's quite bright and no heat. Then for camping, they do as well as a gas lantern ( ok, not as bright but for the price, just get multiple ). I love the fact it charges in indirect light which is a plus for areas with lot's of trees. Nice Effort 5-stars-.jpg


This is an example of what is to come ... I have used rechargeable battery lights for years and seen improvements over time ... Now the solar rechargeable is coming into its own ... With the advances in LED lights this is an excellent product .... I don't normally give 5 stars to anything because there could be improvements. In this case the switch is a bit clunky. But for what it is and the tasks it is used for ... This is the next thing to a five star ... I will be ordering more ... cemptor 4-stars.jpg