HybridLight 250 Solar flashlight Solar Torch and mobile charger

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HybridLight 250 Torch


Introducing the HybridLight 250 Solar Torch – a revolutionary device which can generate power from any light source, natural or manmade. Whether you charge this torch up outdoors in direct sunlight, or at home by your living room lamp, this durable, efficient torch provides up to 250 lumens of super-bright light, perfect for all of your off-grid adventures.





  • Solar Power with Battery Backup solar torch

  • 250 lumens high, 125 lumens low super bright LED

  • Waterproof & floats

  • Extremely durable

  • Stored for 7 years/retains 90% of original power

  • 16 hours on low beam, 8 hours on high beam

  • 24-30 hours to fully charge via Solar

  • Solar torch recharges with any light source

  • 4 hrs to fully charge via micro USB

  • 21cm long


Waterproof and floats

Ideal for recreational use when camping, backpacking or caravanning, as well as occupational use in challenging environments, the HybridLight 250 Torch is the ultimate device to have with you when you’re in a remote area. It’s waterproof and it floats, so you’ll never lose it at the bottom of a lake, plus it’s incredibly durable – it can withstand almost anything you throw at it. It even charges mobile devices, so you’ll never run out of juice!




Up to 16 hours of light

When fully charged, the light provides up to 16 hours of illumination on the lower brightness setting, or 8 hours on high beam – that’s still almost a full night of light if you’re out camping in the wilderness. The lamp takes between 24 and 30 hours to fully recharge, depending on the energy source it’s using, but remember, it can be recharged using artificial light too, so you can simply take it indoors if the weather is cloudier than anticipated. If you have a micro USB port, the torch can be fully charged in just four hours.


Holds its power for up to 7 years

The incredibly energy storage abilities of this torch are ground-breaking. The torch can hold its power for up to seven years, retaining as much as 90% of its original charge after this time – so you can stash it away and grab it in emergencies months down the line, without having to worry about getting it charged up first.

Stash it in your glovebox for emergencies, keep it in your electricity meter cupboard, your backpack, your caravan, your shed or your horsebox – this torch is an invaluable addition to any home, car or travel kit.





Great Light. This by far is the premium survival light. I bought one for myself and one for my Sister. Being a closet prepper I've done a lot of research on solar lights. Comes with a USB cable for fast charging. Another superior light is the PSL light which I have. Quality is not cheap and cheap is not quality.

Stryker 5-stars-.jpg

Good and bright and powerful. I love ❤️ it. John 5-stars-.jpg

A very impressive solar flashlight. The lithium battery inside is big enough to charge your cell phone thru its USB hub. And it comes with a USB cable for recharging. WOW I just ordered me two more! Larry7 5-stars-.jpg


Limited Lifetime Guarantee: Warranted against all defects in material and workmanship. Excludes abuse, batteries and accidents. Limited only to the replacement of the light.