HybridLight 40 Solar Emergency Torch

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HybridLight 40 Torch


A torch is an absolutely essential for anyone exploring the outdoors – and they’re great for keeping at home, in the glovebox or another accessible location, in case of emergencies. The HybridLight 40 Solar Flashlight meets all the criteria for a top-of-the-range torch: it’s energy-efficient, it’s powerful, durable, and best of all, it’s guaranteed for life.


  • 19cm long and only 4cm at its widest point
  • 40 lumens super bright LED

  • Waterproof & floats

  • Recharges with any light source

  • 8 hours of light on one full charge

  • 8-10 hours to fully charge via solar

  • Holds a charge for years

  • Extremely durable

  • Stored 7 years/retains 90% of original power

  • Available in black and yellow


So easy to use and it just works brilliantly

With 40 lumens super-bright LED light, powered entirely by the power of the sun’s energy, the HybridLight 40 Solar Flashlight is perfect for use around campsites and festivals, as well as on night-time hikes and other adventurous activities like caving. The torch is incredibly hardwearing and totally user-friendly, as with all other products in the HybridLight range.


8 Hours of sun = 8 Hours of light

With a powerful solar panel, this torch takes just eight hours to recharge fully, and can provide a further eight hours of light. You don’t even need to have access to the sun’s rays to charge up this device – it can be charged using artificial light too, which means it rarely runs out of juice. The torch has also been designed for outdoor use – it’s extremely rugged and durable, as well as being waterproof. It can also float, so if you drop it in a river or a lake, never fear! You’ll be able to retrieve the torch easily, rather than having to go without light.

Keeps charged for up to 7 years

HybridLight’s powerful technology also means that this torch can hold its charge for many years, making it perfect for emergency situations. You can keep it on hand in a glovebox or a bicycle pannier and grab it when you need it, never having to worry about the last time you charged it or whether the energy might have faded during any period of inactivity.





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Limited Lifetime Guarantee: Warranted against all defects in material and workmanship. Excludes abuse, batteries and accidents. Limited only to replacement of this product