Little Sun Solar Light designed by Olafur Eliasson

Little Sun
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Little Sun Solar Light


Solar lights don’t have to be industrial and ugly – as proven here by the adorable Little Sun Solar Light, a fantastic collaboration between Icelandic / Danish artist Olafur Eliasson and innovator Frederik Ottesen.


  • A high-quality portable solar lamp featuring a dimmer

  • 5 hours of charging in the sun produces more than 50 hours of light at the dimmest setting (2lm) or 4 hours at the brightest setting (30lm)

  • Battery lifespan of 5 years when used daily

  • Extremely robust and durable – perfect for outdoor activities and playtime!

  • ROHS and ISO-certified certified for quality and consistency in production standards

  • Designed by artist Olafur Eliasson – makes a great gift!

  • Comes with a lanyard and story booklet in a beautifully designed box

  • It’s a fun, accessible introduction to the benefits of solar power and sustainable energy

  • Great as a nightlight, for play time and to discover the power of the sun – kids love Little Sun.

  • For camping, festivals, at the beach, or for brightening your home, garden, or balcony


Loved by everyone

This charming light has won plaudits all over the world. It was nominated for the Design Museum’s 2013 Designs of the Year Award, and was recently placed in the Centre Pompidou’s permanent design collection. It’s easy to see why they’re beloved by children and adults alike!



little-sun-new-front.jpg          little-sun-logo.jpg 


Four to Fifty Hours of Light

As well as a stylish design, these lights are powerful. It takes just five hours of sunlight to supply four hours of bright light, or up to fifty hours of soft light – great for nightlights, reading lights or ambient lights when going camping. They’ve been tested in mid-Wales in June, and even on overcast days it was found that they could provide plenty of light for the evenings at a regular campsite although not fully charged.



 little-sun-packaging-back-credit-studio-olafur-eliasson-460x375.jpg        little-sun-logo.jpg

Incredibly Efficient

There’s also some clever design features under the hood. The entire unit has been specially engineered to keep electronics cool, even when they’re charging in the hot sun – making them super child-friendly. The solar panel is also properly ventilated, for maximum efficiency when charging.



Tough as Nails

Cute as it may look, the Little Sun Solar Light is also extremely rugged and hardwearing – in fact, it’s been labelled ‘virtually indestructible’! Whether you’re simply using it as a reading light at home, or taking it on a round-the-world adventure in a backpack, this light is robust and strong enough to deal all the rough and tumble that comes with travel.


Safety Strap for Children

The light comes with three rechargeable AAA batteries within, and a children’s safety strap, so you can affix it to a little one’s wrist and ensure they’ll always be visible and have plenty of light at a campsite or holiday park.

Reviews and Press

Great lamp. Cordless and safe for child's room! Absolutely love this product!! I was looking for a lamp for my toddler's room. I wanted smth that would be out of her reach, provide decent light, not take a lot of space and be safe. This is a perfect solution!!! This lamp is cordless since there is no need for electricity and doesn't need any installation. I put it on a wall hook and that's it. It is larger that it appears on a photo.
It has a small button on a petal to turn it on/off. When the lamp was delivered, the battery was already "charged", so I could use it right away. It doesn't provide a lot of light (e.g. regular floor/desk lamp), but it's perfect for the nursery. It's brighter than a night light, my daughter can play in her room and I can comfortably read her books at bedtime. My daughter's room is rather small, so this lamp works great. It it were larger, I'd need 3-4 of these, I think. Washington Girl 5-stars-.jpg


My Little Ray of Sunshine! love this little ray of sunshine! I have a closet that does not have a light and I keep the sun in there to help me see. I have given them as gifts when I want something unusual to share. These are like a different take on a flashlight, and they are environmentally kind. 5-stars-.jpg


Absolutely love this little light! So handy to have, and I use it very often for everything that I would have used a flashlight before, and for lighting areas during power outage or just in the night.
Easy to recharge, and holds it charge for a long time. Colleen G