LuminAID Packlite 16

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LuminAID PackLite 16

It's an inflatable, waterproof and super-lightweight rechargeable portable solar lantern which is great for camping or festivals. 

The LuminAID PackLite 16 has been given a revamp, and this new solar-powered lantern is twice as powerful as it was before. Now with a range of new features and components, these inflatable, waterproof and super-lightweight lanterns will be the first on your ‘to-pack’ list the next time you go camping or head for a festival.



  • 65 lumens bright

  • recharges in 7-10 hours of sun

  • up to 30 hours of light

  • waterproof and floats

  • 2 years of battery storage life

  • efficient in overcast conditions

  • 4 brightness settings

  • charge indicator turns green when battery is charged

  • 125 sq.ft lighting area

  • PVC free


This is the latest version

Made from thicker, more durable (yet still PVC-free) material, the new LuminAID PackLites are better equipped to handle anything the wilderness can throw at it. There’s also a new flashing setting which is ideal for emergencies – so keeping a few of these lights stashed in your car boot or backpack is now a no-brainer.



Thirty hours of continuous use

The lights take between six and seven hours to charge fully, with up to thirty hours of use in them. That means there’s plenty of time during the day to charge them up for a full night of illumination, even in the winter months when there are more hours of darkness.




Carry handles and hook loops

Practicality comes first with these simple lights. They come with carry handles and hook loops for hanging – you can easily light a trail to a campsite toilet, or create a large pool of light for your whole site. An LED charge indicator also shows how much battery you have left, with green and red lights offering an overview from a distance.



Four brightness settings

The lights have four different brightness settings – Extra Bright, High, Low and Flashing – so you can choose how you illuminate your site depending on a number of factors (how large the space is, how much battery you have left, etc.). The pack also weighs just 85g in total, so you can tie them to your backpack or slip them inside your sleeping bag and barely notice any difference at all.









Reviews and Awards

Excellent product and idea

So far, I can say that the light charges well and appears to last hours. It's a very bright light and the plastic feels robust. Congratulations to the inventors. George L 5-stars-.jpg

Light up the World

Excellent. I took two of the lights with me on a surgical mission trip to Myanmar. As with many developing countries power can be iffy. I also gave one to a friend from Australia who works with disasters down under and is looking for systems that will power cell phones. I didn't have one of those but did tell her about them. Would be willing to facilitate getting such items to her. Myrna S 5-stars-.jpg


Great light, weight is nothing great for small places, super present. Everyone wants one now...Tammy L 5-stars-.jpg

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty