SunJack 14W portable solar panel with integral 8000mAh powerbank

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SunJack 14W Portable Solar Panel


Going to a festival or camping in the wilds of the Lake District? The SunJack 14W Portable Solar Panel, complete with 8000mAh fast-charge power bank will meet your outdoor energy needs for years, at a reasonable price. You’ll never run out of juice again with this solar charger, which can recharge the enormous internal battery with just five hours of direct exposure to sunlight thanks to the panels’ high efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells.


  • Compatible with most mobile phones, iPad/tablets, USB lights, digital cameras, MP3 players, and portable gaming devices. 

  • 14 Watts of high efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells

  • Wall outlet charging speeds with 5V/2A USB ports

  • 8,000mAh LiPo battery charges in ~5 hours

  • Folds to compact size of 17.15cm x 23.50cm x 4.5cm - similar to an iPad

  • Opens size 78.11cm x 23.50cm x 4.5cm

  • Lightweight and durable - shock, vibration, and weather resistant

  • Only weighs 907 grams - highly portable


Convenient to carry to the campsite or festival

These portable solar panels are highly convenient – they fold over to around the size of an iPad, and are only 4.5cm deep– ideal for stowing in the boot of your car or adding to your backpack when heading off camping. The panels and the battery are also shockproof, vibration-proof and weather-resistant – rugged and durable enough to withstand the elements. It’s easy to see why the SunJack 14W Portable Solar Panels won big at the 2014 Edison Awards.

Enough power to charge your smartphone or digital camera

The enormous power bank stores enough energy to charge up an iPhone more than three times. It’s also compatible with most common gadgets, including tablets, USB lights, digital cameras, MP3 players and portable gaming devices – perfect for family camping trips or heading to festivals with friends. The ports on the battery pack are 5V/2A USB ports, which offer charging speeds comparable to most wall outlets.

Add a second SunJack powerbank and double your storage

There’s also capacity to add a second power bank to the kit, storing even more energy and making it easier than ever to power your gadgets when you’re away from conventional power points. You can use the powerbank you already have; they all work with these portable solar panels.

Weighs less than a bag of flour

The entire kit weighs in at less than a kilogram (just 907g), making it super portable and easy to transport when you’re walking to the festival or backpacking to the campsite. Hikers, cyclists, backpackers and even boy scouts use them as a way of making sure lights will never dim and smartphones will never run out of juice. There’s no need anymore to ever run out of power when you’re away because sunshine is free!

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I was skeptical but after using this for an extended time I love it. I was able to keep 2 phones operational while on a week long camping trip with ease.

Stacy L. amazon-stars-.jpg


Excellent solar charger/ A must have!!!!

Amanda F. amazon-stars-.jpg


Keeps My Gadgets Charged During Extended Days In The Field

Coach H. amazon-stars-.jpg