SunJack 7W portable solar panel with integral 4000mAh powerbank

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The SunJack® 7W portable solar panel and mobile phone charger

The SunJack® 7W portable solar panel and mobile phone charger helps mobile users stay charged on the go anywhere the sun shines. The SunJack® 7W is able to fully charge its internal battery pack in about five hours of direct sunlight or directly power any USB device.  Additionally you can light up a tent with the addition of a single USB Camplight bulb.



  • 7W high efficiency solar panels - makes fast charging

  • One 1.5A output - can charge most mobiles and ipad quicker

  • Large 4,000mAh LiPo battery - easily recharge your mobile

  • Folded Size 16.51cm x 23.50cm x 3.81cm Unfolded Size 41.53cm x 23.50cm x 3.81cm

  • Extremely lightweight - only weighs 363g so easy to carry



Recharge your mobile phone at night

If it's night-time and dark you can still recharge your phones/ipads/tablets from the powerful SunJack® 7W 4000 mAh powerbank which holds enough energy to fully charge most mobile phones as fast as a wall outlet. Even better you can attach your existing powerbank to the standard connection and charge it up for later.



Who is it for?

Anyone would benefit from the SunJack® 7W portable solar panel and mobile phone charger.  You can leave it charging on the car dashboard, hang it off your backpack, tent or from a tree so never need to run out of electricity on the go.

It is compatible with most mobile phones, Ipad/tablets, USB lights, digital cameras, MP3 players and portable gaming devices.