UVPaqlite Medium

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UVPaqlite Medium

Your festival camping pack just got a whole lighter, thanks to the UVPaqlite. This fantastic, patent-pending creation is a reusable light source designed to provide night light-style illumination in an enclosed environment. Even more excitingly, it’s the only rechargeable light source on the market which will work as well in 80 years as it does today.



  • Lightweight so easy to carry
  • Can glow where no other light is available
  • Will glow for hours
  • Great as a night light in a tent or caravan
  • It doesn't wear out - ever!

It's so light and waterproof

Packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag and weighing in at just 75g, the UVPaqlite is one of the most lightweight solutions on the market. It can also be easily rolled or folded into the tightest of spaces, so it won’t take up valuable room in your pack. The light glows in the dark all night long, for soothing ambient light in tents, hostels, caravans and other places where power might be unavailable.

Ten hours of glow

When fully charged, the ‘glow crystals’ inside the UVPaqlite will glow for over ten hours – and best of all, it can be charged up from any light source, not just the sun. If exposed to direct sunlight, the crystals will be charged within sixty seconds – but for even faster charging, place the pack in the beam of a 200 Lumen torch or under a light bulb. It’ll be fully charged in just a few seconds!

They never stop working - charge up with any light source

So how does it work? The team behind the innovation have been able to encapsulate the special crystals, strontium aluminate, a natural, non toxic compound, that captures photons from any light source, stores them and releases them more slowly over time. Generally the larger the crystals the longer they will re-radiate light. They never expire or degrade over time, making the UVPaqlite the only portable light solution that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

How much light

This medium version is enough to illuminate a 2-6 person tent, and it’ll provide a pleasant, low-level ambient light all night long. Get yours today and enjoy a lifetime of light!

Time Estimates for Fully Charging: 

Direct Sunlight = 1 minute, 

Ambient Room Light = 5 -10 minutes, 

60 Lumen Flashlight = 4 seconds, 

200 Lumen Flashlight = 2 Seconds 

What Size Do You Need? 

Medium 2-6 person tent 

Large- 8-10 person tent 


Reviews and Press

I hang mine in the bathroom next to the lights above the sink. every night it gets 5 - 10 minutes of strong light as I'm getting ready for bed. it works well all night as a nightlight, strong enough to light up the whole bathroom enough to not need to turn on the lights for any late night trips. (I'm sure the small space and all white walls help in this case)
Curly amazon-stars-.jpg


This is a great item. I "charged" it last night at 6:00 pm and this morning 5:00 am the glow was still present. I was very impressed.

Candice G amazon-stars-.jpg


How cool, expose to your flashlight and it glows in the tent all night long.

William H amazon-stars-.jpg