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We’ve all been there – out in the middle of nowhere with a worrying 4% left on your phone’s battery and no juice left in your camping lights. Thankfully, there’s now a solar solution that puts these situations firmly in the past. With the WakaWaka Base 10, you’ll never run out of battery at an awkward moment again, thanks to its powerful solar capabilities and enormous 10,000mAh battery pack.


  • Full 10,000mAh battery in 6- 12 hrs in the sun

  • Average smartphone charge 4 x or 400 %

  • 2 LED lights, maximum brightness: 40 lumens

  • Super efficient 10 Watt solar panel (4 x 2.5 Watt)

  • SOS emergency beacon

  • Patented Intivation SunBoost chip

  • 100% recycled PC-ABS, high impact resistant

This can charge an awful lot of things

The WakaWaka Base 10 is a comprehensive solar-powered charging kit, with everything you could ever need to enjoy portable power whenever you need it. Fantastic for camping and backpacking, this kit converts solar energy into massive amounts of usable power. A fully charged battery has enough power to charge the average smartphone as many as four times over.

Great little LED lights 

And it’s not just smartphones. The WakaWaka Base 10 can actually charge anything with a USB plug – so your camping lights, your GPS gadgets and your portable fans will never run out of juice while you have this charging titan handy. Incidentally, the kit itself also comes with two powerful little LED lights, with three different brightness modes for you to experiment with. They’re ideal for emergency situations, and super-handy to have around any campsite.

Will light up your tent for up to ten days

The Base 10 itself weighs in at 1.8kg in total, and it comes with its own rugged, waterproof carrying pouch, for easy transportation on-the-go. A full charge during the day takes 6-12 hours depending on the strength of the sun’s rays, and once it’s fully charged, the battery pack can provide enormous amounts of power – it could power the two of its own LED lights on Energy Saving mode for an astonishing 240 hours. That’s ten whole days!

Impressive Warranty

This essential camping resource also comes with a two-year warranty, so you can rest assured you’ll be investing in a great value product that will last for years.



  • AC power in 1A

  • USB out 2.1A


  • Base 10 1,880 grams (incl.packaging)

  • Battery pack 288 grams (ex. bumper)

  • Solar panel 762 grams

  • Torch (including battery) 60 grams

  • Light 37 grams


  • Base 122 x 28 x 80 mm

  • Solar panel 185 x 185 x 35 mm (ex. cable)wwbase10-setup.jpg

  • Lights 32 x 40 x 92 mm

  • Solar panel cable 3 m

  • USB lights cable 2 x 2 m

2 Lights connected

  • Led efficiency 110 lumens/watt

  • Run time on full battery: 

  • 2x 40 lm, Super Bright > 26 hours

  • 2x 25 lm, Bright > 46 hours

  • 2x 5 lm, Energy Save > 240 hours

Light Torch

  • Led efficiency 110 lumens/watt

  • Run time on full battery: 

          40 lm, Super Bright > 1.5 hours

          25 lm, Bright > 2.5 hours

          5 lm, Energy Save > 15 hours


  • 2 years

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