WakaWaka Light

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WakaWaka Light


If you’re looking for a light that’s incredibly compact and lightweight for your next festival or camping trip, the WakaWaka Light is the perfect option. Designed in Europe and available in WakaWaka’s signature bright yellow, this versatile light will be your new best friend on outdoor adventures, and can also be kept in a car, caravan, shed or horsebox for efficient illumination whenever you need it.


  • LED battery time                

  • 100% brightness = 8 hrs

  • 50% brightness = 16 hrs

  • 10% brightness = 80 hrs

  • SOS emergency signal

  • Automatic energy saving mode



Small but very powerful

At just 120mm x 79mm x 24mm, this is an incredibly compact light – you’ll barely notice it in your camping kit when you’re carrying it around and setting up! But big things come in small packages, and this relatively diminutive light can provide up to 25 lumens on full charge – that’s more than enough to light up any tent or shed. The light can last for up to eight hours at full brightness, but will last much longer if you turn down the brightness slightly.



Solar charging made easy

Charging up the WakaWaka Light is easy – during the summer months you can just leave it on a windowsill and it will harness as much energy from the sun as possible. You can also attach it to a backpack or camping kit if you’re hiking, so it can soak up the rays during the day.

WakaWaka have gone to great lengths to ensure this is a very functional light, and like many others in the range, it comes with an innovative built-in stand, which allows you to perch this light on any bottle top. This gives you the freedom to light your tent or shed at any angle – you can even hang the light up if you choose.



Full one-year warranty 

The WakaWaka Light comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can rest assured that this will be a sound investment for all of your upcoming outdoor adventures.